Powerful Wazifa for Avoiding Divorce, Miscarriage, Zina and Sins

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Powerful Wazifa for Avoiding Divorce

Powerful Wazifa for Avoiding DivorceThere is a special emphasis on dua in Muslim spiritually. In the terminology of Islam, dua also transliterated, literally meaning invocation is an act of supplication. The term is derived from an Arabic word meaning to call out or to summon and Muslims regard this as a profound act of worship. The Islamic prophet is reported to have said Dua is the very essence of worship. Divorce in Islam involves the pronouncement by the husband of the Arabic phrase Talaq to his wife. Three simultaneous declarations of divorce are considered three separate divorces, after which the couple are considered to be permanently separated and cannot remarry without meeting certain conditions. Miscarriage scientifically or Islamic way is termed as death of a baby before he or she is born. Whereas, Zina is an Islamic law concerning unlawful physical relation between Muslims who are not married to one another through nikah or Islamic marriage. Sin is an important concept in Islamic ethics. Muslims see sin anything that goes against the commands of Allah, a breach of the laws and norms laid down by religion.

Strong Islamic Wazifa for Avoid Divorce

In every relationship there must be some or the other genuine problems, but sometimes the small problem leads to a big chaos and both the persons or husband and wife want to get separated. In Islam there is a solution to avoid this separation by practicing Wazifa to avoid divorce with the help of learned scholar one can come out with the good result. Molvi or scholar have an immense knowledge of Urdu and will help out with providing powerful wazifa for avoiding divorce. Wazifa for avoid divorce or talaq is an Arabic word meaning to release. Under the Muslim law, Talaq means to unite the matrimonial knot by articulating a word denoting divorce. One simple Wazifa to avoid divorce is that, one should recite 1000 times Bismillah for 40 days after Salat.

Wazifa To Avoid Miscarriage

Wazifa for Avoid MiscarriageIn Islam or beat any religion the birth of child is considered to be the precious part of life in every married couple’s life. Blessing of God is showered with the birth of a new born. The ladies or couples who are feared to lose their child before birth can concerned to specialists or Molvi for wazifa to avoid miscarriage. This wazifa will be helpful from preventing miscarriage. In holy Quran wazifa for avoid miscarriage is mentioned in Surah Mariyam. One can recite after Salah with all faith in Almighty and his doings. Apart from your hard work one should have faith in God because without his wish nothing can happen.

Powerful Wazifa To Avoid Zina and Sins

Anyone who is addicted to committing zina must hasten to deal with it in number of ways. Fast if one cannot get married. Strive to be fasting regularly with lots of zikir. One can read holy Quran with all faith. Offer voluntary prayer or naafil namaz. Make Dua, get up in the latter part of the nights and beseech your lord. The specialists will recommend to pled almighty and request him to forgiver our sins. Molvis will also guide you wazifa to avoid zina which will include your hard work and faith in God. By reciting wazifa one comes closer to God and with all his expectations they offer their Dua. As mentioned in scriptures recite ya Gaffar ya Hafez 100 times daily, after your farz namaz. This wazifa to avoid zina is quite effective and will definitely result’s good.

Islamic Wazifa to Avoid SinsIf one sincerely wants to leave bad habits of committing sins and want to come towards the right path of Almighty, there are numerous ways to come up and solve this problem.  Islamic wazifa to avoid sins as mentioned in holy verses of Quran is that, you have to read the name of Allah Azza Wa Jal 7 times with 1 time Darood Sharif in start and end. Then blow on your chest and heart with the intention to remove bad habits liking from your heart. Do it just once daily until your problem is solved. Islamic wazifa to avoid sins is considered to be effective as it contains the name of Almighty itself. By working on with these entire wazifa one can come an end to his or her problems.

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