Powerful Strong Wazifa and Dua for Killing, Facing or Cursing Enemy

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Dua For Facing and Cursing Your Enemy

dua for cursing or facing enemyWhether you believe or not but wazifa and duas can help you get rid of any problem. Islam has the solution for each and every problem whether it is related to finance, marriage or any other issue. To know all these solutions, you have to read Islamic books thoroughly. You can even curse your enemy using the right wazifa, dua and amal. Dua for Cursing Enemy has helped lots of people in getting rid of enemies. It will help you too. You have to recite this dua daily if you want to curse your enemy badly so that he/she will never cause harm to you or to your family.

If your enemy is challenging you to fight with him but you are afraid of him then you should recite Dua for Facing Enemy. This dua will give you courage to face your enemy and fight with him. Then you will feel that you are more powerful and superior than your enemy and you will easily defeat your enemy in the fight between you and him. Dua for Facing Enemy should be recited by you before the day of fight.

Powerful Strong Wazifa Prayers For Enemy

The most effective solution that you can use to defeat your enemy or make him/her silent is Powerful Wazifa for Enemy. This wazifa is simplest to be performed by adult people. It is not for minors. You can perform this wazifa if you are facing lots of problems because of your enemy as this wazifa will put your enemy in trouble. The guidelines to perform Powerful Wazifa for Enemy is given below-

  • Start this wazifa from any day as per your convenience;
  • Perform this wazifa in the state of wuzu;
  • While offering namaz-e fazr, recite surah Alam Nashrah in the first rakat just after reciting surah Fateha;
  • In the second rakat, recite surah-Al- Fil after reciting surah Fateha;
  • While offering the namaz, you have to imagine about your enemy;
  • After completing the whole namaz, you have to recite Dua for Cursing Enemy;
  • Perform this wazifa on regular basis and with full dedication.

This Strong Wazifa For Enemy will surely help you in getting rid of all your enemies. Then you can live your wonderful life peacefully without getting worried about anything. This wazifa will curse your enemy with a pathetic life and then he/she will not be able to trouble you by any means. There are so many people who have defeated their enemies with the help of this Strong Wazifa For Enemy.

Dua For Killing Enemy

dua for killing enemyIf your enemy has ruined your life and because of this reason you want to destroy your enemy then you should recite Dua for Killing Enemy. Recitation of this particular dua on regular basis will surely make your enemy so weak that he will die one day. After the death of your enemy, you can spend your life happily and peacefully. But you should never recite this dua for casual fight between you or any other person. Dua for Killing Enemy can destroy you also if you recite it for good people who are innocent. You should never do anything to trouble innocent people otherwise you will be in trouble.

All these duas and wazifa are just to protect you from your enemy who are really very bad people and who deserve to be punished. People who are jealous of you and who have done harm to your family definitely deserve your hatred. If you are performing wazifa and reciting dua to get rid of such people then there will be nothing bad in it. You can do this whenever you want but try to give one chance to your enemy to compromise.

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