Shohar Ko Wapas Bulane Ya Pane Ka Wazifa and Dua

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Shohar Ko Wapas Bulane Ki Dua

Allah provides for all those in need of his help and relief. If you are facing marital problems then the divine being will come to your aid. Allah has provided us with solutions to all kinds of problems humans suffer from. The path that leads to this elixir is through the holy book of Quran. There are numerous dua in the book which will help you connect with Allah. Shohar ko wapas bulane ki dua is hidden within the holiest book of all.

All couples face marital problems at one point of their marriage. Most of the victims are women who yearn for their husband’s love and care. Men are aggressive beings and get manipulated easily. If for some reason your husband is absent from your marriage in any way then reading and reciting shohar ko wapas bulane ka wazifa in your daily namaz and prayers will act as a balm to your burning marriage. It will bind your husband to your love and through the powers of this dua he will reiterate your love in the way you deserve and desire. This shohar ko wapas pane ka wazifa connects Allah with the victim and relays the message and being the kindest of all he provides all the help you need.

Shohar Ko Wapas Pane Ka Wazifa and Dua

Marriages get broken up for silly reasons. These reasons may not be big enough but they are enough to poison the minds of men. They cease to realise the importance of their wives in their life. Allah watches all and everything. The All-Knowing and All-Watching divine being understands the pain these problems inflict on Muslim women who fall victim to such conundrums. Quran prescribes the use of shohar ko wapas pane ka wazifa for marital problems big and small both. This shohar ko wapas pane ki dua will not only reinstate your lost husband back into your life but also make your bond with him stronger and vigorous.

The wazifa is as follows:

سورة طه وَأَلْقَيْتُ عَلَيْكَ مَحَبَّةً مِّنِّي وَلِتُصْنَعَ عَلَىٰ عَيْنِي

Wa-Alqayatu Aalayaka Mahabbatain Minney Walitosnaa Allah A’ayney

It roughly translates as “I cast the shadow of my love and care over you so shall you will remain under my purview”.

Shohar Ko Wapas Bulane Ka Wazifa

shohar ko wapas bulane ki duaThis wazifa was carefully extracted from the mystical book of Quran itself. Numerous hafiz and literary experts who have spent years in research looking for similar dua have finally been able to read between the lines of the holiest of the holy books. Shohar ko wapas bulane ki dua has been extracted by these specialists of Islamic relics with great difficulty and years of hard work so that one can rely on these methods for solving their marital problems.

Men will never change their behaviour. They will always want someone to run after them as it makes them feel superior. Attain the higher ground with shohar ko wapas bulane ka wazifa as it will not only tie you up with your husband in the holy knot again but will empower your relationship even more than before so that it is more than capable to deal with similar problems in the future. With the use of shohar ko wapas pane ka wazifa women can be ensured of their husbands return with all the love and care they were promised at the time of nikah.

Women have to leave their dear home and even dearer parents and siblings after nikah. Husband ought to treat them the same way if not differently. Stranding a woman in a marriage is one of vicious gunah a Muslim can transgress with. Shohar ko wapas pane ki dua will put a command on such transgressions in the future also.

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