Shohar Ko Sirf Apna Banane Ki Dua, Wazifa and Amal Tarika

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Shohar Ko Sirf Apna Banane Ki Dua

shohar ko sirf apna banane ka amal in HindiEvery woman wants that her husband should just love her and be honest to her all through their married life! Is it too much to ask for? If you’re amongst those women who feel that their husband is going astray or doesn’t pay much attention to them, then you should go for the shohar ko sirf apna banana ki dua. The dua is the perfect solution for those wives who are scared of losing their husband to some other lady. It will prevent your husband from dating other woman and make them 100% loyal to you for all their life.

Shohar Ko Sirf Apna Banane Ka Tarika

shohar ko sirf apna banane ki dua in islamLosing husband is the biggest fear of a wife. It is almost unbearable for a married woman to give up on her husband and let him leave her. And, if you’re standing in such a position, then it is very important for you to meet an astrologer immediately. Seeking help of an astrologer will give you a 100% assurance that you will win over your husband for eternity and he will be only yours for all his life. So, shohar ko apna banana ke lie try this wazifa. After listening to your problem in private the astrologer shall provide you with shohar ko sirf apna banana ka tarika which will help you make him yours forever.

The shohar ko sirf apna banana ki dua is very effective and is quite helpful for the wives who do not wish to give up on their husband so easily. Islam gives you complete freedom to seek help for such matters and make your husband just yours forever. It is the right of every wife to prevent their husbands from going astray and keep them tied. The shohar ko sirf apna banana ka wazifa is mentioned below:

Shohar Ko Sirf Apna Banane Ka Wazifa 

  • Put a little surma i.e. kohl in your eyes
  • After the obligatory prayer of the night, recite Surah Fateha for 21 times.
  • And blow it on your eyes.
  • Pray to Allah (swt) with your name and your husband name and name of mother.
  • Go in front of your husband and Insha Allah he will be only yours till eternity.
  • You have to perform this wazifa for 7 days.

Some of the things that you need to do before making this wazifa a success includes:

  1. Punctuality in all the obligatory prayers of the day without fail
  2. Cleanliness of body and soul.
  3. Restrain from alcohol and liquor.
  4. Try to be in wazu round the clock.
  5. Make sure you give sadqa and zakat before the performance.
  6. Be polite, good and loving towards your husband.

Shohar Ko Sirf Apna Banane Ka Amal

shohar ko sirf apna banane ki wazifaHaving all the rights on your husband is your ultimate privilege. And, the shohar ko sirf apna banana ka wazifa gives you complete authority to do so. You can perform the wazifa and see its results in few days. It is more like winning the love of your husband and keeping it just for you. Surely, every woman in the world wants it for herself and only herself. Sharing your problem with an astrologer will benefit you in a better way. They offer customized shohar ko sirf apna banana ka amal that fits your problem aptly. All you need to do is speak to them on call, chat or email and they shall render their verdict on your problem.

Make sure the amal is performed as stated by the astrologer or its impact will diverge. Just have faith in Allah (swt) and He shall do what’s best for you. Indeed He knows what’s right and He is listening to all your prayers. Do not lose hope and seek refuge in the Islamic wazifa to make my husband only mine!

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