Shohar Ko Apna Banane Ka Wazifa, Amal and Dua in Urdu

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Islamic marriages aren’t very popular for having amicable understanding between the husband and wife. Several marriages have witnessed adultery. Most couples face the problem of lack of interest from the husband’s side. Muslim women yearn for the love they were promised but after sometimes no matter how hard they try nothing ever work. With shohar ko apna banane ka tarika in Urdu any Muslim woman can rectify her marriage with ease. This method or tarika involves recitation of a very specific dua in an even more distinctive manner.

Shohar Ko Apna Banane Ka Tarika In Urdu

Faithfulness is a quality not every man has been blessed with. The main problem it posses is when the actions of such husbands affects their loyal and loving wives. Several shohars have been seen showing interest in women other than their wives. This pains their counterparts so much that there have been reports of severe depression and even suicides. This has got to stop. Muslim women need to wake up and take control in their own hands. Allah has himself foresaw these problems and provided with the solution. The years and years of research have produced this shohar ko apna banane ki dua in Urdu in the form of an extract of a verse from the holiest of the holy books, the Quran.  Experts in islamic relics and scripts along with people who have mastered the hafizi have deduced this powerful wazifa which helps the Muslim women gain husbands back into their life.

Shohar Ko Apna Banane Ki Dua in Urdu

Allah has blessed us with these prerequisites which have been hidden within the holy book. These experts have witnessed the plight of Muslim women who lose their husbands. This loss has been experienced both emotionally and physically. This dua provides a remedy to all these problems. Husbands will not only return to your marriage but will also stay under your control with the help of shohar ko apna banane ka tarika in Urdu that has been provided below. If done correctly it will work instantaneously. Sometimes it may take some time but it will always prove its worth as it contains the Allah’s word.

Wahewa Allaazee Khaalawa Minaal Mahe Baasharan Faza Allaaahu

Nasaaban wakana Rabooka Qadeeredan

Shohar Ko Apna Banane Ka Wazifa in Urdu

shohar ko apna banane ki duaIt is not a hidden fact that men have a peculiar natural composition. They tend to bore out of anything they first like very easily. Muslim women are victimised due to this when this happens in their marriage. They constantly work and love their new family with all their heart, even leave their own family and change names. There is no need to suffer at the hands of indifferent husbands and shohars anymore. The shohar ko apna banane ka wazifa in Urdu is a panacea of a verse extracted carefully from the holy book of Quran itself. This dua will provide you the necessary means to connect with Allah and relay your message to him. This wazifa will instil in your husband the same interest you saw and were promised constantly at the time of marriage.

Shohar Ko Apna Banane Ka Amal in Urdu

The shohar ko apna banane ka amal is the boon for Muslim women who are harassed due to the aloofness of their husbands. This dua will let you control your husband and his interest in the marriage accordingly.

The fact that this shohar ko apna banane ki dua in Urdu is provided in such an easy language that its use becomes several times easier. With the right dedication and belief you can turn your marriage around. All you have to do is absorb this dua in your heart and repeat it several times during namaz. With the help of this shohar ko apna banane ka amal muslim women will be able to grasp their husband back in marriages.

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