Pasand ki Shadi Karne ki Dua, Wazifa and Qurani Amal Tarika in Hindi

Pasand Ki Shadi Karne Ki Dua in Islam

pasand ki shadi karne ka wazifa in UrduHaving affection or infatuation for someone is general. You can always like someone in reality. However, it doesn’t end here. When you like someone, you definitely wish to marry him or her. However, there are a lot of things which needs to be taken care of before the marriage to happen. It is the consent of the boy/ girl whom you love, consent of both the families, financial remedies and more. But, you can definitely solve everything out with pasand ki shadi karne ki dua in Islam. Yes, the powerful dua helps you get the guy or girl of your choice and marry him or her with everything falling into the right place.

Pasand Ki Shadi Karne Ka Wazifa in Urdu

pasand ki shadi karne ki dua in islamIf you like someone and are hesitant to tell them about it, but surely wants them to approach you, then the pasand ki shadi karne ka wazifa in Urdu will be of great help to you. All you need to do is approach an Islamic astrologer and speak about your problem to them. They will guide and provide you with apt amal that could solve your problem in a few days. Seeking help from Quran and Hadith, they refer the best possible solution and render suggestions that work the best for you.

You need to perform ruhani wazifa for love and make a place in the heart of the person you like. Pray with a clean heart and soul to Allah (swt) and He shall listen to all your prayers.

  • The wazifa needs to be performed after the Fajr prayer or Esha prayer.
  • Recite Surah-e-Ikhlas (सूरा इखलास) 105 times for 21 days.
  • Make sure you do it alone.

Remember that you perform this amal keeping the below mentioned points in mind and Insha Allah you will get the outcome as desired.

Pasand ki Shadi ka Qurani Amal in Hindi 

  1. Recite it with the intentions of getting married to the guy or girl.
  2. Try to be punctual with all your Namaz
  3. Make sure the amal is performed with permission.
  4. If you think that the boy or girl has some black magic or totka on him /her, then you need to attend that issue first.
  5. Before performing the amal, perform a 2 rakatNamaz of Taubah and seek forgiveness for all your sins from Allah (swt).
  6. Make sure you include Darood Shareef before and after the dua.
  7. The amal should be started on Monday or Thursday.
  8. Do not talk about it with anyone.
  9. Make a sadqa before commencing the amal.
  10. Think of the guy or girl you like all through the amal.

Pasand Ki Shadi Karne Ka Tarika in Islam

pasand ki shadi ka qurani amal in HindiIt is better that you seek help from an astrologer to get the right directions for amal. Any divergence from the amal could lead to its failure. Thus, it is better to be assured about it in the right way from a professional astrologer. When you get the right guidance about pasand ki shadi karne ka tarika, you will surely get married to the one you like.



The pasand ki shadi karne ki dua in Urdu Language is mentioned below:







Make sure you recite this strong dua with a clean heart and in the halal way. The dua should be recited for the right purpose. Speak to the astrologer on call, message or mail and get customized amal for yourself. It will surely give you the key to marry the person you like in less than a month’s time or maybe two, at most. It will make everything fall into the right place. Try it out now!

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