Shia and Masnoon Dua For Enemy To Go Away, Die and Destroy

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Masnoon Dua For Enemy To Go Away

This is really a very unfortunate thing in this world that people are jealous of each other and they start hating their own people. They become enemy of each other. Humans are killing each other for satisfying their ego and anger. This is what taking people towards hell. You might also have some people who hated you for any reason even when you haven’t done anything wrong with them. You should be aware of such people as they may do anything wrong with you in any way. Dua for enemy to go away will help you in getting rid of your enemies.

Shia Dua For EnemyIf you have lots of enemies, it is definitely a bad thing but it doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. If you have done harm to anyone and because of this reason that person has become your enemy then it’s obvious. In this case, you should ask for forgiveness from your enemy and try to befriend him. But if this is not the case and someone hates you just because he is envious to you then you should definitely try to make a distance from that person otherwise he/she will cause harm to you. Dua for enemy to go away is a powerful dua that makes your enemy weak so that your enemy will not be able to trouble you.

Shia Dua For Enemy To Go Away

If you are a shia, there is a special dua for you by which you can control your enemy. You just have to recite this dua everyday after making wuzu and you will be able to defeat your enemy.  Shia Dua for Enemy is given below with English transliteration of its Arabic version-

Allaahumma ‘Innaa Naj’aluka Fee Nuhoorihim Wa Na’oothu Bika Min Shuroorihim

English Translation for this Dua For Enemy

O Allah, we ask You to restrain them by their necks and we seek refuge in You from their evil.

The above written dua is for all those shia people who are fed up of their enemies. This Shia Dua for Enemy is very effective as it can make your enemy come on his knees infront of you. This dua will make you superior than your enemy so that you can easily defeat your enemy. By reciting this dua everyday, you will become strong and confident then you will not be afraid of your enemy no matter how powerful your enemy is.

Masnoon Dua for Enemy is also there for you. You can take it from molvi sahib or Islamic astrologer. You can also ask them the procedure to recite this dua. It means you must know at what time you should recite this dua and for how many times. Masnoon Dua for Enemy will surely help you in making your enemy accept his defeat in front of you.

Islamic Dua For Enemy To Die or Destroy

Islamic Dua For Enemy To Die or DestroyIf you are troubled a lot by your enemy and you just want to kill your enemy then you should recite Dua for enemy to die. This dua will make your enemy sick and weak day by day and eventually it will lead to your enemy’s death. This is the best way to get rid of your enemies as no one will be able to know that it is you behind your enemy’s death.   Dua for enemy to die will make your enemy die in a natural way so there will be no point for anyone to make you responsible for his death. Everyone will think that your enemy has died naturally. You can also recite Dua for enemy destroy if you want complete destruction of your enemy. But you should recite it only when you are sure about your enemy that he is the one who has trouble you or harm you.

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