Ghumshuda Cheez ke Milne Ki Dua – Dua for Finding Lost Things

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Dua for Finding Lost Things

Every individual has some valuable things that he never wants to lose. But sometimes people have to lose their important things. Sometimes people forget where they have kept their important thing while sometimes some other person stoles their valuable item. In both the cases, the owner of the valuable item has to suffer badly. Sometimes it becomes hard to find lost things especially when they are taken away by someone else. At that point of time, prayer remains your only hope. Therefore you should recite Dua for Finding Lost Things in such a situation.

Ghumshuda Cheez ka Pata Lagane ki Dua

dua for finding lost thingsWhatever you have lost will get back to you if you recite a special dua known as Dua for Finding Lost Things. This is a simple dua and you can recite it anytime you lost any important thing of yours. After reciting this dua, you will get your lost thing back in no time. This dua is quite magical as it immediately solves your problem. This dua is also known as Ghumshuda Cheez ka Pata Lagane ki Dua. You can take this dua from any Islamic astrologer or molvi and then you can recite it as per their guidelines.

Ghumshuda Cheez ke Milne ki dua in English is also available. You can get this particular dua online. There are lots of Islamic astrology websites where you can find this dua. You will surely get benefit from this particular dua. Ghumshuda Cheez ke Milne ki dua in English is given below for your help-

O Allah, the One who returns the lost, by Your power and awe return what I have lost, for surely I have received it as Your gift and favor (boon)

You can recite this dua as and when you lost any valuable thing. Surely if you recite this dua in the right way, Allah (swt) will help you out. Allah (swt) is the greatest and he always helps needy people. If you have lost something it means you need help in finding that thing. So you should seek help from Allah by reciting Ghumshuda Cheez ka Pata Lagane ki Dua. Instead of crying on whatever you have lost, you should have patience with Allah (swt) and you should pray to Allah (swt) with pure heart and dedication. Then you will easily find the thing that you have lost.

Ghumshuda Cheez ke Milne ki Dua in English

ghumshuda cheeze milne ki dua and wazifaMost of the Muslim people recite the Ghumshuda Cheez ki Dua which is given below in English transliteration of Arabic version of dua. Whether you have lost a very expensive thing or something which is very close to your heart, you just have to recite Ghumshuda Cheez ki Dua after making fresh wuzu. The below mentioned dua is very powerful and effective-

Walikullin wijhatun huwa muwalleeha faistabiqoo alkhayrati ayna ma takoonoo yati bikumu Allahu jameeAAan inna Allaha AAala kulli shayin qadeerun.

Lots of people have got their lost things back because of this dua. There is no doubt that this dua gives positive results. After reciting this dua, you will either get a dream that will show you where is your lost thing and who has stolen it or you will get your thing back at your place in some way. If you believe in Allah (swt) you should believe that miracles happen. This is not less than a miracle that you can get your lost object back just by reciting a dua. You know that duas and wazifa are for almost everything. You should definitely make use of them in order to get what you really want whether it is a lost thing or a new thing. But the condition for fulfillment of dua is that you should have good intention to do this.

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