Dua To Get My Ex Husband Back Home – Dua To Win Husband

Dua To Get My Ex Husband Back

Dua To Get My Ex Husband BackThe increase in tension and disunity between you and your husband is an act of Shaitan, recites Dua To Get Husband Back Home to avoid it. The evil or Shaitan tries ever thing to keep you away from your partner. So, if you are suffering from something similar, for instance, your partner is not understanding you, your marriage is not working well, relatives are trying to separate you from each other, or you and partner are not able agree at same things, or you think your partner is cheating on you, etc, in order to avoid disunity and protect your relationship from Shaitan influence, one must recite Dua To Win Husband Back, day and night.

Dua To Get Husband Back Home

There are many Dua to Get My Ex Husband Back and several wazifas to build trust and love between shohar and biwi, so that you can win your husband’s heart. Some of these powerful wazifa are mentioned below –

  1. dua to bring husband backThe holy Quran must be recited daily at home. It is important that you fix an hour or two to recite the Holy book, everyday, punctually at home. It is mentioned in Islam – “The place where Quran is read punctually, the good luck increases therein”. The angel gets into your house and the Shaitan is thrown out. When the Holy Book is ignored or not read regularly in a house, then shaitan makes that place his home and lives in it. This will help him in creating distance between you and your husband. Hence, you must read the Holy book daily and then recite the Dua to Get Husband Back Homein order to get the love, care and attention of your partner.
  1. Another very helpful Dua to Bring My Husband Back told by Islamic specialists is Surah Al Baqarah. By reciting Surah Al Baqarah, a wife can protect her house from Shaitan. If you feel that there is bitterness and disagreement between you and your partner, then the wife or the hubby must make a habit of reading Surah Al Baqarah, everyday whenever you are at home. After reciting the Surah, you can blow it on yourself and on your partner and on the entire house. It is mentioned in hadith – “In the name of Allah, the creator of everything, Shaitan can never reside in a place/home where Surah Al Baqarah is read, daily.
  1. A very popular wazifa that makes your Dua to Win Husband Back or dua to win wife back more effective is performing Two rakaats of Nafl Salaat. If you feel that the atmosphere of your house is not good, then husbands must make a habit of performing Two rakaats of Nafl Salaat whenever you enter the house,& again read Two rakaats of Nafl Salaat whenever you intend to go out. The wives must offer two rakaats of Nafl Salaat after getting up and before going to sleep to make their Dua to Get My Ex Husband Back more strong and effective. This wazifa ensures to build love between partners and a soothing ambience for the house.

Dua To Bring or Win My Husband Back

A person married Abdullah Ibn Rawaha’s (radiyallahu anhu) wife after he died. One day he told her, “I married you to know about Abdullah Ibn Rawaha (radiyallahu anhu) actions at his home.” To this, the wife replied, “He offered Two rakaats of Nafl Salaat, before leaving the house and offered Two rakaats of Nafl Salaat when he entered the house and two before, he slept.

Hence, by offering two Nafl rakaats, one can create a health atmosphere at their home and make the Dua To Bring My Husband Back or my wife back, more powerful.


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